Backup and Disaster Recovery

CloudWize Backup and Disaster Recovery

Businesses can be at risk of losing important data. Lost data leads to costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction, regulatory fines, and lost revenue. As a result, IT pros must meet extremely high expectations. You need to keep the company running 24-hours a day.

Why CloudWize Backup is Better

Packed with innovative security features, CloudWize Backup sets a high bar for new-generation data protection. Learn what makes CloudWize different and how its unique technologies safeguard data with one easy, affordable and versatile solution.

Complete Business Protection

Disk Imaging Backup

Protect your entire business with complete and reliable backup images of your entire system, files, or data. Store backups to a variety of storage devices, including local disks, network storage, and the cloud.
Easily recover a complete image or selected files, folders, items, and applications.

Cloud Protection

Increase user service availability by protecting your Office 365 mailboxes, Microsoft Azure VMs, and Amazon EC2 cloud workloads.
Migrate workloads easily between various clouds, virtual systems, and physical machines (P2C, V2C, C2C, C2V, and C2P).

Virtual Server Backup

Mitigate risks with agentless and agent-based backup and recovery of your virtual machines and hosts on any of six supported hypervisors.
Migrate between different hypervisors and to/from physical machines (P2V, V2V, V2P, and P2P) or the cloud

Universal Restore

Minimize expensive downtime by restoring Windows and Linux systems to dissimilar hardware, including bare-metal physical, virtual, or cloud environment.

Bare-Metal Recovery

Reduce RTOs of remote sites and systems by accessing bootable media and restoring bare-metal servers remotely via wide-area networks (WAN).

Advanced Reporting

Increase infrastructure resiliency with regular, customizable reports that focus on the exceptions in your infrastructure.

Dont be caught without a working Backup

Did you know that 25 percent of companies are unable to reopen after a major disaster, according to the US Small Business Administration? And in a modern hyper-connected world, a data loss qualifies a major disaster. Since 2012, CloudWize has delivered data protection solutions to plenty of businesses, protecting data and systems on-premises, at remote locations, in private and public clouds, and on mobile devices.

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