Solar and Power

Solar Power Solutions

Keep your business online and open for trade by utilizing Solar energy systems to provide power. Solar power is extremely suistainable and a very viable option on the African Continet.

Backup Power Solutions

Keep Systems online during power outages or load shedding, by utilizing battery backup systems to ensure business continuity. Combine this with our Solar solutions and you can cut your electricity bill and even move completley Off-Grid.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

The Benefits of a Grid-Tied Solution.

Cost Effective

A Grid-Tied Solution is the most cost effective solar solution available.

No Batteries Required

The Battery free design lowers costs and makes the system more affordable.

Grid Supply

The Grid will supply electricity whenever needed.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

The Benefits of a Off-Grid System.

Disconnected From the Grid

Does not require a Government supplied electrical connection.

Utilizes Batteries For Storage

Extra power generated from the Solar System is stored in Batteries.

Long Term Cost Savings

Will be able to generate a Return on Investment.

CloudWize and Phoenix Square

CloudWize has Partnered with Phoenix Square to be able to provide power solutions for business continuity with a Turn Key Solution for IT and Operating Infrastructure.

Certified Engineers

Phoenix Square has Professional, qualified and skilled personnel who have been working with PV(Photo Voltaic) Installations for more than 6 years.

Project Managment

Phoenix Square provides project management from initial site visits to planning and scope of work. Including Helio Scopes and data logging of energy requirements.

Project Scalability

Phoenix Square is well versed in large and small installations, from residential to large manufacturing plants.


Phoenix Square is compliant with requirements set out by the law, including the Health and Safety Act, and is certified with a PV Green Card.

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CloudWize and Phoenix Square

Our partnership has enabled us to provide complete turnkey solutions to our customers.